Three short emails you should send in the next five minutes.

Whether you’re reading this in the form of an email or on the website, right now you have a powerful tool in front of you which has the capacity to lift your spirits.

Connecting with people almost always makes you feel good, and what better day to feel good than a Friday?

It’s the end of the week and the world’s still revolving.


Here’s my simple recommendation for today therefore.

These days most email software is smart enough to guess the intended recipient as soon as you begin typing letters.

If yours does, I’d like to propose that you send a quick-out-of-the-blue email to one person whose name appears when type the letter ‘F’, another who pops up when you type ‘R’, and a third who shows up as you enter an ‘I’.

F, R, I for Friday.

So what will you say?

Well, I’ll leave that up to you, but three suggestions could be:

1. Just thinking about you, and thought I’d say hello.

2. How are you doing?

3. How’s Friday treating you?

Keep it brief, and don’t necessarily count on a reply from all three people.

But the chances are good that you and at least one other individual will experience an unexpected boost today.

And that’s got to be good for you, Francis, Rebecca, and Ian.

Or Fiona, Richard, and Isabel.

5 thoughts on “Three short emails you should send in the next five minutes.

  1. This is good advice. Anything to make me think about somebody else for 5 minutes avoids me getting embroiled in my inner turmoil of ‘self’.

    So to think about ‘not-self’ for a moment is doing me a favour, regardless of whether the other person responds. Jon did say “don’t necessarily count on a reply from all three people” and I think that’s right too – just put the thought in a person’s mind that someone else is thinking about them.

    I try to do this on the train in the morning. Not every day, but a just few times a week. In my experience, eventually, you always get back more than you gave away.

  2. Yay…an F, two R’s and an H emailed…didn’t have an I!! Super idea Jon and as Kevin said…it’s good to thnk of someone else and get out of our own mind for a few minutes.

  3. What good idea……I connected with my long neglected nephew, an old friend (she would not like to be called old) and a friend of my daughter’s and mine too. Thanks I will keep this as a regular thing

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