Time for fun

Having fun makes us feel good, so shouldn’t we actively plan to have more of it?

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When Alex went food shopping the other morning, she came back to tell me that our local supermarket was placing temptation in the way of customers by giving away small, tasty donut samples.

Delightfully, she’d watched as an elderly lady – perhaps in her eighties – made her way gingerly from the sampling table with a slice of donut in her hand and a twinkle in her eye. She was clearly delighted, chuckling to Alex: “And I haven’t even had my breakfast yet!”

Donuts before breakfast. Outrageous.

And why ever not?

Despite this lady’s advanced years (or maybe even because of them) she was obviously approaching her day in a playful manner, determined to squeeze every ounce of fun she could out of it, and I wonder if this might be a small lesson for you and me? Because I wonder if at times, and without really meaning to, we slip into taking life too seriously? It’s easy to do. After all, there’s always so much to cope with. Life can throw unexpected challenges and problems our way. Our own mindset might be somber and serious. So, too, could be the mindsets of others who share our life.

But how about the lady in her eighties? Could we accuse her of taking life too seriously? I think not. She’d gone out to tackle a chore – food shopping – most of use might regard as a dreary old drudge, but had ended up finding a way to have fun along the way.

Eighty-year-olds can do it, and so of course can eight-year-olds. Their entire lives are about having fun, generally effortlessly. In fact, when we set up our garage office a few months ago, Alex’s younger daughter Megan (8) subjected me to a mock ‘job interview’. After I successfully got the position (phew) she wrote me a brief employment contract which is mow pinned to the door. Among its stipulations? I must Have Fun.

Thanks Megan, I’ll do my best.

So how will you approach today? Will you take everything incredibly seriously? Or maybe you might just stumble on a way to do the equivalent of having a donut before breakfast?

Tell someone your favourite joke. Kick a kid’s ball back to them. Pet a dog. Listen to some music and dance as if no-one’s watching. Don’t worry if they are. Get your hands dirty. Pretend you can fly. Make a paper aeroplane and fly it.

Is today going to be a fun day? Well it could be. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Time for fun

  1. I actually RESISTED having a Profiterole before my boiled egg and toast ( it stared at me
    from the fridge ) – but it’s still there, SO can now have it to look forward to !

  2. How true Jon!

    I have lots of fun and my children get very embarrassed that their middle-aged mother will skip down the road (occasionally while holding hand with their (also skipping) father). We tell them that their future therapists will have to pay us commission!

    I like the idea of pretending we can fly – just like we did when we were five and still in the playground!

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