When I find myself in times of trouble.

We all have days when things don’t come together for some reason.

It may be because you lack oomph.

Or it could be that those around you seem cranky or uncaring.

But try as you may, you just know it’s going to be ‘one of those days’.

Most of us have responsibilities.

Things we have to do.

But beyond taking care of these essentials, it’s almost certainly better not to try and swim against the current.

What’s the point of beating yourself up, trying to make things happen today that almost certainly won’t?

Often these fogs don’t last.

Another day dawns and you’ll wake up feeling different.


So when you have your next below-par day, don’t fight it.

Just let it happen, because tomorrow’s another day, and all things must pass.

2 thoughts on “When I find myself in times of trouble.

  1. Correct, don’t fight it or beat yourself up for feeling that way, or berate yourself by saying “I shouldn’t feel like this”, just observe the feeling and it will dissipate.

  2. Thanks for this and for Karl’s comment! Let it Be is one of my favourite songs but I don’t always remember to live it! No more fighting with myself!

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