Treat yourself and develop better habits

Now you probably don’t really want to know this, but thanks to a new purchase I made last week I’m expecting to need to excuse myself at least once during the hour it’ll probably take to write this post.

The thing is, I don’t know about you but I just about always struggle to drink enough water (and, yes, I do realise what an over-privileged dilemma that is, given that according to the United Nations more than 750 million of the world’s people have no access to clean water). Guilty feelings aside though, I’m sure you and I both know that keeping properly hydrated is good for mind and body.

Having a refillable water bottle beside me on the desk is a good start, but even with the H2O staring me in the eye, I don’t knock back nearly enough of the wet stuff.

That’s changed though, at least temporarily, by treating myself to a snazzy new narrow-necked water container, nicely-designed and a good deal more ergonomic than the old one (hopefully also bidding farewell to the soggy shirt fronts that resulted from struggling to drink from a wide-mouthed container while driving).

The new bottle is much nicer to use and easy on the eye too. What’s more, its newness means I’m considerably more conscious of it than I was of its predecessor.

So what can we learn from this, other than that I’ve suddenly become a more frequent flusher? Well I think it’s simply, but powerfully, that when you want to encourage a healthy habit, it can help a lot if you introduce some freshness and a heightened feel-good factor into your world by making a few changes, especially when it feels as if you’re treating yourself to something nice.

Want to keep a journal? Find yourself a gorgeous notebook. Like to eat more healthily? Don’t just go back to the same old shelves in the same old supermarket – look for new, tastier ingredients some place you haven’t ventured before.

And, of course, think about getting yourself a new water bottle if you’d like to up your hydration levels.

It seems to me that making yourself feel good about making changes means you’re halfway there.

Now, if you’ll just excuse me.

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