Try a new food today and get a mood boosting side order

To be honest with you, I hadn’t really set out to eat deep-fried locusts that day, but who was I to refuse when they were served up with a squeeze of lemon juice in little paper cones at a kick-boxing match in Thailand?

What were they like?

Well, crunchy and a bit on the leggy side if you know what I mean, but surprisingly not unpleasant really.


That said, I’ve not been tempted to sample them again, and wouldn’t place any kind of insect on the menu if I was choosing my last meal.

I’m glad I tried them, though, as I’m a firm believer in experimenting in life (after all, my mood tracking work and this blog itself came from a period of my own self-experimentation) and I’m certain that there’s sense in the idea that breaking away from the straight and narrow, and doing things differently, is one great way to keep your mood up.

Although it may not seem like it, when you eat something for the first time, you’re learning.

You’re discovering what it tastes like, how you react to it (and in the case of locusts whether you’ll actually be able to bring yourself to swallow them).

It’s easy to believe that learning only takes place in classrooms, but the simple truth is that you have the potential to discover plenty today, if you open your mind to new experiences.

So actively seek out these opportunities today, if you can.

If not today, then soon.

Mind you, if you’re tempted to try a locust or two, I should start modestly if I were you.

I’m told the servings come in three sizes.

Small. Medium. And Plague.

2 thoughts on “Try a new food today and get a mood boosting side order

  1. Might stick to the new sort of broccoli…it’s supposed to be much healthier for us!
    You were a brave sort for trying the locusts!

  2. um um um, I quite enjoy trying out new foods these days, having been a food for fuel type of person for many years… but not so sure about the locusts

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