Trying to disguise your feelings can be exhausting, and possibly a waste of time anyway.

We may imagine that, when needed, we’re good at disguising how we feel, but the truth is we’re often spectacularly bad actors.

When I chatted to a friend a while ago, I explained that I thought my own mood had been ‘so-so’ of late.

Neither particularly bad, but not particularly sparkling either.

(In passing, I’ve learned that this often happens and when it does, I simply need to accept it. Life’s like that.)

What was illuminating, however, was that the friend said she already knew I’d been feeling that way, as it had been showing in my writing, and that came as a surprise to me.


Inevitably, a bit of how I am makes its way into these written thoughts, but on the whole I try to avoid this.

They should after all be about how you are, rather than me.

The thing is, however, others can frequently read us like books, especially when they know us well.

So maybe we should wear our masks less often, to be more open and honest?

Clearly you do this when it’s appropriate, and with people you trust.

However, I think there can be value in letting others in, and your feelings out.

3 thoughts on “Trying to disguise your feelings can be exhausting, and possibly a waste of time anyway.

  1. So, what is your new project Jon? It doesn’t have to be on the scale of a published book this time. I find that a new project reboots me at times like this…. #justsaying 🙂

  2. An interesting post! I agree that those that know us well – can see beneath our masks.
    It is my wish as an adult not to have to hide how I feel. I choose very carefully who I expose myself to – having some trust issues makes yiu cautious. I have found that some people prefer you to keep those masks in place. Dealing with reality can be messy and time consuming. I am married to a person who would rather I kept those feelings that are difficult under wraps. Fortunately I have close friends that allow me to be whatever I am on any given day and I do the same for them.
    I’m just wondering if I should keep my mask in place at home? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

  3. This is very true. (I would also be a bad poker player- I wear my emotions on my sleeve). Writing is so personal that it simply makes what you’re experiencing more relatable and universal, when what you’re feeling or thinking comes through in your writing. The mark of a good writer too. Thank you for sharing yourself.

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