I know, an ironic email about turning off your technology

If you were observing the behaviour of someone in their home, and they went to their front door six times an hour – all through the day – to check if there was any mail on the mat, I think you’d be forgiven for doubting their state of mind. This would be pretty extreme behaviour, although just about excusable if you were awaiting important exam results, say. Not every day, though.

However, substitute email in-box for front door mat, and I bet many of us could be guilty of acting somewhat obsessively when it comes to checking whether anyone has contacted us.


Technology CAN be a wonderful thing, but it may also consume us, turning what should be well-deserved downtime into a life where we feel a need to be on call 24 hours a day, not going anywhere without a cellphone, feeling a need to log-in to email multiple times a day, and frittering away time with Facebook and Twitter.

These channels of communication all have their place, of course. I’m no Luddite, and overall I’m certain we’re better connected than unconnected.

I just think, though, that there’s much to be said for occasionally switching off. Until I made some adjustments to my iPhone, for example, it was waking me up in the night with a ‘plink’ when someone else had commented on a Facebook entry to which I’d added something earlier. I mean, how ridiculous. I’d admired someone’s hat, then was actually woken up when others also thought it was snazzy headgear. Sheesh.

You owe it to yourself to make opportunities to be calm during the course of the day – to relax and rest – but this is unlikely to happen when you’re on tenterhooks waiting for one gadget or another to bleep its way into your consciousness. If you get a chance, turn it all off for a while. You may just like it. Remember: thirty years ago, that’s how everyone lived.

3 thoughts on “I know, an ironic email about turning off your technology

  1. I totally agree- I spent the last weekend with my son and his family – I had a wonderful time – no internet and I only used my phone to check in at home! I will so this more often!

  2. I AM a Luddite and regard so much of the technology that is around as merely bells and whistles. And the way it gives some people the space to vent their worst feelings about other people) (who they probably don’t even know and perhaps ruin lives – is appalling. I think in many ways we have opened Pandora’s Box.

  3. I don’t even have a cell phone for personal use as I hate them! When people need to contact me they either ring my wife who then forwards messages on at some point during the day or I am generally contacted through my emails at work.
    I actively discourage communication through even my work phone and also encourage emails.
    I hate to be contacted at all times of day and night and then be expected to return the call or text immediately! I’m sorry by I run to “the beat of my drum” not anybody else’s!
    My wife however is the total opposite, but the difference is, she really enjoys her phone!

    I’m not a complete remnant of the last century though, I do have a facebook account and very occasionally I will answer my work phone.
    To give you an idea if I get more than two calls a day, I’m being “bombarded by calls! (lol!)

    Being from an era when we didn’t have cell phones, I really do not enjoy them, they are mostly just unnecessary toys!
    If you like them fair enough, ………………….but I really don’t.

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