5 unexpected ways to boost your learning today

School’s in session again in the northern hemisphere, so perhaps it’s a cue to remember that you don’t only learn in formal situations.

As a kid yourself, while the summer break from school meant you probably had no formal lessons, I bet you carried on learning through those months.


In my case I remember discovering how to make things, how to build camps in the garden, how to read and make maps, how to fool around with a tape recorder producing ‘radio shows’, how to turn garden canes and string into bows and arrows.

This was learning, it was fun (dangerous in the latter case, too), and in some ways it was probably even more important than what I was learning in term-time.

Maybe you feel you’ve no opportunities to learn new things today? In that case, allow me to make five suggestions.

Perhaps one will inspire you: at the very least they might help you come up with an idea or two yourself.

1. I bet you don’t know exactly where someone close to you was born, so ask them. Find out the circumstances in which they entered the world.

2. Buy a fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before, then hunt out a recipe online which uses it.

3. Picking an uncommon word at random, perhaps you already know the meaning of ‘jentacular’? If not, Google can tell you what it means, and this page will fill you in on a plethora of other unusual ones, too: http://bit.ly/MTWQFm

4. Ask the next person you speak to whose first language is different from yours how to say Hello in their tongue, then use it next time you see them.

5. In which year was your home built? Maybe you already know, but if you don’t, how close can you get? Who else might already have the answer? A neighbour? Why not find out, simply for finding out’s sake?

Some of the best learning doesn’t happen in classrooms, so what could you teach yourself today? (Maybe after you’ve attended to your jentacular arrangements, that is.)

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6 thoughts on “5 unexpected ways to boost your learning today

  1. Well I’ve not yet sorted out anything relating to jentacular but have already had a few chuckles reading through the list of unusual words which will definitely help keep mulligrubs at bay today!

  2. …when popping the agraffe back over the cork, I realised I had been abligurite at the weekend on champagne, foie gras etc……ha ha ha lol! Am lolling at these words on the list…don’t know if I’ve used them in the correct way – and no, I haven’t been on the pagne and I certainly don’t like foie gras!!!! More like corporation wine here!!!
    What a fun way to spend some time today at coffee/lunch breaks!
    Thanks Jon!

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