When unhelpful advice may just be helpful.

Some people seem to like nothing more than dishing out advice.

Left, right and centre.

They’ll tell you that, if they were you, they’d do X or Y.

Whether you want to know what they think or not, they’re hell-bent on telling you.

This can be particularly (massively) trying if their advice is intended to make you feel better when you’re down.

The thing is, they’re not you.

So how can they possibly counsel you on what you should or shouldn’t do?

The temptation of course is to shut your ears to them.

But what if they’re just slightly, microscopically, right?

The chances are that they mean no malice.

They really do want to help.

They’re simply seeing things from a different perspective.

Maybe, though, the view is a clearer one from where they’re standing?

It doesn’t hurt to listen.

In fact it may pay you to do so.

If nothing else, look for the thinking and motivation that went behind their advice, even if the suggestion itself seems pointless.

It may just help.

One thought on “When unhelpful advice may just be helpful.

  1. Hit the nail on the head as usual. Sometimes the advice IS well meant, but just harder to hear when you’re low.

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