Valentine’s Day: it’s not always easy

Valentine’s Day isn’t always the easiest of days, particularly if you happen to be going through a tricky time. For a celebration that’s supposed to be all about love and connection, some can actually find it difficult and lonely.

Today on Signpost we’ve talked through some strategies that could help, but it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all issue. What do you think about Valentine’s Day? Do you embrace it, or try to escape it?

Let’s share thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: it’s not always easy

  1. Your msg today re V Day was absolutely spot-on, Jon. I had found it very hard in the past, but a friend and I have commandeered it and made it a day to celebrate friendship. Tbh, I’m happier on these occasions here in Spain, where there’s hardly any evidence of red satin hearts and roses, compared with the UK!

  2. What a wonderful message for Valentine’s Day, Jon. I do find it a difficult day with no one special to think of as a Valentine and your intro expressing your reluctance to bring it up and then your good wishes reminded me that telling someone we care about them can make them feel REALLY loved even if we might feel it is taking quite a risk to speak so openly and warmly to them! Thanks! I really feel like you are my Valentine!

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