The verdict on customised audio mood nudges. It’s a yes.

Well, well.

Yesterday was fascinating. I know not everyone gets to their Moodnudges email on Sundays but, despite that, what a gratifying response to the experimental “personalised audio mood nudge” system I invited you to try out:

There’s already a ton of thoughtful comments on the blog, and overall it seems there’s a lot of enthusiasm for an emotion-rating system that can (a) form a reasonably clear idea of how you’re doing, and what might be getting to you (are you feeling low, or anxious, or angry?), then (b) go on to give you some practical feedback in audio form (my voice).

If you didn’t get a chance to experiment with the system yesterday, please do feel free to play with it today, via the link below. It’s fine, by the way, for you to complete the questionnaire multiple times, varying your answers so you get to hear some of the other recordings.

OK, so what happens next? Well, I was enormously motivated by the upbeat and helpful feedback I received yesterday, so I’m mulling things over.

I’m pretty certain there will be more of this kind of thing coming your way soon.

Watch this space, therefore, as they say.

A huge thank you to our big-hearted community (that means you) for the enthusiasm and encouragement. I definitely feel the love.

If you do try out the gizmo today and want to tell me, and other readers, what you think of it, please add a comment to yesterday’s thread so we can keep the conversation in one place.

Here’s the link:

Another experiment, but with a serious health warning.

Thanks again.

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