Walking back to happiness is not just a song.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Unless you’re an incredible multi-tasker it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be reading this whilst moving around vigorously.

(If you are, perhaps best keep the reason to yourself.)

Seriously though, it’s good to remember the strong links between feeling good mood-wise and getting a helpful amount of physical exercise.

It’s all too easy to confine yourself to the seat at home, work or car, and to forget that a lack of exercise is often a big reason that people feel bad.

Some of us (not me, I’m afraid) are gym people, in which case – well, you know what to do.

But if that’s not you, it’s more important than ever (if you can) to build in physical activity several times a week.

It needn’t be anything fancy.

Walking can be nearly as good as anything else.

Gardening is a brilliant choice too.

The key seems to be ensuring that you do enough of it, however.

So unless you have an obscenely long driveway, simply walking from your front door to your car isn’t really going to crack it.

So find ways to walk a little bit more than the absolute minimum.

Take the long way round.

Park at the wrong end of the car park from where you need to be.

Sometimes simply walk round the block for a few minutes rather than watching something you’re not that bothered about in TV.

What are you waiting for?

One thought on “Walking back to happiness is not just a song.

  1. Two songs for the price of one: your titular one and Take the Long Way Round! The second is now implanted firmly as an ear worm!!
    Off to walk my doggits 🤗

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