Walking back to happiness

Does it strike you as somewhat odd that we have the word ‘perambulate’ to mean ‘to walk through’, yet a ‘perambulator’ isn’t, as you might expect, simply ‘one who walks through’, but can also be used as the word to describe a type of transport for a baby, shortened in Victorian times to ‘pram’? (Probably more commonly known as a buggy these days, or was that what we used to call a push chair?)

Baby carriages aside, it was the other use of the word which came to mind this morning when I heard a well-known Nancy Sinatra song on the radio, and idly mused on how it could have been were it to have been entitled ‘These Boots Are Made For Perambulating’. It doesn’t really work, does it?


Perambulation, however, does have a lot going for it. Walking is that remarkable form of exercise you can get simply going from one place to another, which most of us have to do anyway each day.

Mind and body are strongly connected. I’m pretty confident that you’re unlikely to leave home without either of them, but more importantly you’ll feel mentally better when you also feel physically better, and a great and simple way to achieve this is to, well, perambulate.

So if you can – and when you have the choice – why not try to add some walking to your day today?

You might say the benefits will go from sole to soul.

One thought on “Walking back to happiness

  1. I do this, I try to get out for short walks a few times a day, also another benefit is upping my exposure to daylight I haven’t suffered so much from SAD since starting this regime, even go out in the rain and snow if I can’t get out between showers.

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