Water, water everywhere, and not enough to drink.

A couple of years after they were turned off, Stanford University’s fountains are back in full flow again.

They went off soon after I arrived in California (I didn’t take it personally) because of the drought conditions in this part of the world.

Apparently the people who look after the grounds have now made various adjustments and fixed various leaks, meaning that it’s okay for the fountains to gush once more.


It’s fantastic to see them, and it also gives the students somewhere to dangle their feet.

However I was surprised to learn that in spite of the fact that they all recycle their water, overall they still lose several thousand gallons a day through evaporation and splashing.

Who knew?

It’s a good opportunity for us to remember just how important water is.

Not only in your environment, but also in your body.

And what’s good for your body is good for your mind – and mood.

Men need 3 litres of water a day, women 2.2 litres.

Perhaps, like me, you’re not always as good as you could be about remembering to hydrate?

I keep a water bottle with me while I work, but sometimes reach the end of the day and notice it’s still full.

One suggestion is to use your phone to remind yourself to drink water, as I’ve just done.

Although you can get fancy reminder apps, I just set alarms (separately, one for each hour of the day, with a “Drink water!” message) in my Clock app.

Another benefit of regular water-drinking is that when nature calls, you’ll probably want to pause whatever it is you’re doing.

So not only do you get hydrated, you’re also forced to stretch your legs.

One thought on “Water, water everywhere, and not enough to drink.

  1. Really enjoyed this piece of writing , Jon . What sensible advice, too, as I am notorious ( well, to one person anyway!) for not drinking enough water, or just not drinking point blank.
    I shall be a) trying to slow down and b) installing what you recommend in your article.
    Many grateful thanks for timely advice, as the weather starts to warm up here ( a bit).

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