The importance of watering and feeding someone special. You.

I have a strange and unpleasant recurring dream that I’m house-sitting for friends, looking after their pets, but for some nightmarish reason I neglect to feed the animals – I seem to forget all about them.

Thankfully it all ends (in the dream) just about OK, as I fill the food bowls just in the nick of time.

But only just.


It’s a weird old dream, as there’s no way on God’s earth that I’d ever behave like this in real life, but for some peculiar reason it’s a scenario which has played itself out in my dozing mind on several occasions.

I don’t tell you this in an effort to analyse my own dreams. But it did make me think how conscientiously we provide food and water for animals, but often completely fail to think so rigorously about caring for ourselves.

I know, all too well, that if my mood isn’t so great I pay scant attention to meals. Sometimes I’ve not got much of an appetite so will skip eating altogether. At other times I might mindlessly scoff whatever junk is close to hand.

It’s so clear that what we eat has an enormous impact on how we feel. Why wouldn’t it?

So it utterly beats me why I’m surprised when my mood stays iffy if I’ve not been eating and drinking healthily.

Today’s a day to be thoughtful about what we consume, I think.

I wonder if we sometimes take more care of our pets than we do of ourselves?

3 thoughts on “The importance of watering and feeding someone special. You.

  1. I think this is true for eating and drinking and other ways we know we look after ourselves, like exercise and meeting friends. I know these things help my mood, if I’m down it’s hard to motivate myself to do them, but when I’m happy it’s easy to forget that I need to still do these things (and therefore keep my mood up) – a bit like someone feeling so well they forget to take their medicine. I guess it’s easy to let good habits slip!

  2. I have that recurring dream, too – only they’re usually my animals, or baby, that I forget to feed. I wonder if you were not looking after yourself when you had the dream?

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