Finding a way to jog your memory.

I do my best, I really do.

But try as I may to keep track of things that friends and family tell me are upcoming for them (medical appointments for example), I often forget.

Then, of course, I kick myself when they subsequently tell me how they got on, when I’d far rather have been in the position of remembering to ask them in the first place.

Maybe it’ll make me feel a little better if I know it’s something which also happens to you, now and then?

But if it is, I don’t think you or I should beat ourselves up over it.

Much more importantly we shouldn’t feel offended when someone forgets something about US.

You’d need a brain like a super-computer to keep track of everything around you, but that’s just not possible.

But simple, practical systems can help.

For me, it’s time to start sticking those Post-It notes on the refrigerator door again.

I like it when I remember things about people.

They do too.

2 thoughts on “Finding a way to jog your memory.

  1. Hi Jon, this really resonates with me. I find it so hard to log all these details, even though I genuinely care about the individual. I have so many tasks and reminders linked to my work and personal life that I think I’ve been reluctant to add even more for this type of issue. Worse, I think I feel like I should be able to remember without assistance and then feel guilty when I don’t. Reading today’s blog helps me realise it’s not just me and maybe it’s ok to note these individual issues alongside the more mundane tasks in my system.
    Thank you!

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