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Our Moodnudges community never ceases to amaze Alex and me. On Tuesday I asked for some help with a brief survey designed to see how the WellBee test (on which our daily wellbeing measuring and tracking cards are based) compares with two other respected tests of wellbeing.


Responses were anonymous so I can’t of course tell if you completed it yourself, but giant thanks if you did, along with hundreds of others. If you didn’t get round to it, and wouldn’t mind doing so, here’s one final reminder of the link. Completing it should take no longer than a couple of minutes:


We’ll report back on the scientific findings in due course, but I thought you might be interested in a little demographic snapshot, which may or may not be representative of the entire Moodnudges community – however this is what the age and gender breakdown of respondents looks like:

Age Percent
18-24 3.4%
25-34 12.1%
35-44 21.1%
45-54 29.7%
55-64 22.1%
65-74 9.2%
75+ 0.8%
Sex Percent
Female 81.8%
Male 17.2%

Perhaps the biggest surprise seems to be how under-represented my own gender is, although I know that women tend to be better than men at recognising their emotional ups and downs. I think women can also be more inclined to seek out ways to tackle their mood issues, while men all too often attempt to grin and bear it. Not always successfully (present company included at times in the past).

Food for thought. Most of all, though, thanks a million to those who’ve already completed our survey, and to anyone else who may do so today.

3 thoughts on “We asked, you’re delivering

  1. I like this kind of research Jon. Thank YOU for your generosity of spirit and consistent support. I look forward to reading the rest of the findings.

  2. I am glad I was able to complete the survey, and thank you for sharing the outcome with us. I recently did some work with a men’s group, and it was amazing for me to discover what made the men happy and their ways of coping with challenges. The group meets once a week and does encourage men to do social activities as well as discuss issues affecting them in a safe and confidential environment. I am raising two boys on my own, and I encourage them to express their feelings and to talk about challenges or issues that may be affecting them as I feel it will help them when they get older.
    Thanks for your regular postings which I do enjoy.

  3. I see this stat reflected in my own family where my girls wil share and talk about ‘feelings’ my son simply bottles it all up and almost denies he has any !!

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