Wrapping up a week of tailored mood nudges.

OK, so today’s the last of four days when I’ve presented you with a different way of getting your mood nudged, by directing you to one of three possibilities tailored to how you’re currently feeling.

It’s a little like the approach in “Nudge Your Way to Happiness,” although in the book you take a short test to work out your current emotional state rather than having to evaluate it off the top of your head.

However, if you pause for a few seconds, it’s certainly possible to quickly take stock, so why don’t you do that right now?


Then, if your current mood is:

* Not that great to be honest – Read Nudge 1

* Not over the moon, but not too bad really – Read Nudge 2

* Actually pretty good, considering – Read Nudge 3

+ + + + + + +

Nudge 1

On shabby days it’s common to slip into what you might call “black and white thinking” when your mind only works at the very extremes of the emotional spectrum, and, if we’re honest, probably mainly towards the blacker end.

If one thing goes wrong, you may end up thinking—even saying—that everything is a total disaster.

But that’s almost certainly not true, is it? If you find yourself falling into this behaviour today, try to stop, and think in shades of grey instead.

When you do that, you’ll probably understand better that the sky isn’t completely falling.

Nudge 2

Since you’re feeling kind of average at the moment, it’s sensible to keep an eye open to the possibility of doing a little better.

When that happens, it’s almost always a gradual process rather than an overnight thing.

Laughter can help.

When we laugh, it relaxes us, and releases the body’s own feel-good chemicals.

It’s even better, of course, when you laugh in the company of others.

So today’s a perfect day to ask yourself who you know who has a great sense of humour.

Who’s the person with the uncanny knack of being able to make you laugh?

And what can you do to seek out their company?

In person is best, but a phone or Skype call can work almost as well.

Nudge 3

Do you ever stop to think about the things that make you happy? If you’re like most people, you might not do that nearly often enough.

It’s therefore likely that happiness happens for you in a random kind of way, more or less by accident.

Since you’re going through a better spell right now, do your best to maintain these higher spirits by scheduling something you know will make you feel good.

One suggestion, if you’ll excuse the frivolity, is to be a little silly.

Frankly, life can get a bit serious, and a serious life can easily become rather heavy.

So let your hair down today, and you really won’t regret it.

+ + + + + + +

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One thought on “Wrapping up a week of tailored mood nudges.

  1. Hi Jon I just wanted to say thanks for the 3 nudge system, I enjoyed receiving them this week. I found that I liked being asked which of the 3 I was because I hadn’t considered and was surprised on 2 of the days to find I was no. 3.

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