Put your wellbeing at the top of your To Do list.

The other day a newspaper carried an article about ‘To Do’ lists.

No doubt about it, they can help you organise your thoughts and prioritise things.

But at times they can also loom over you like a scary monster.


Sometimes there are days when the very act of getting from morning to evening can seem a monumental effort.

Add to this the requirement that you’ll also be crossing things off a long To Do list and you’re virtually certain to set yourself up for disappointment.

One thought I did like in the article was that there’s always sense in recognising that some items on your list can be actions, while others are simply intentions.

Good to have the latter, but not so great if they distract you from day to day priorities.

You may, for instance, want to learn a new language, but you also have bills to pay and wellbeing (your own especially) to take care of.

The language lessons can almost certainly wait.

But the bills and wellbeing can’t.

So if things aren’t perfect for you anytime soon, please remember that it makes sense to focus on the genuine priorities.

Right now, instead of language lessons there’s always Google Translate.

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