What are your strengths? Ready to list them?

When did you last list your strengths?

That was the question put to me by a friend when we met for a coffee.

I had to confess that it had been a long time.

Our deal was that I’d do it myself and should also ask a few other people for their views on my strengths too.

My friend said she’d get the ball rolling for me on this front.

It was a surprisingly helpful exercise, reminding me what’s important in my life, what I’m good at, and what I’ve got to offer others.

In fact I’ve no hesitation in suggesting that you give it a try yourself.

Psychologist Martin Seligman has done some useful work in this area, so if you Google ‘seligman strengths survey’ you should find his invaluable inventory of 24 ‘character strengths’ to start you off.

It’s not always easy to compile a list for yourself without some sort of stimulus material, which is just what Seligman’s material provides.

I know that if my mood gets low, I can feel I’m useless.

Good for nothing.

Capable of little.

I honestly don’t think this is gratuitous self-pity, it’s simply the trick that a blue mind can play on you.

And in times like those it can be helpful to have evidence to hand that this is far from the truth.

3 thoughts on “What are your strengths? Ready to list them?

  1. Dear Jon, Hope you’ve added ‘lightening people’s loads with wisdom and humour’ to your list. Speaking for myself and my best beloved who has chronic pain to cope with, you bring light to our lives as well.

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