What could you learn, at a stretch?

The other day I had a computer-related task Looming Large on my To-Do list.

My Mac and I are joined at the hip.

It and its predecessors have formed an indispensable part of the greater part of my life, and there’s not (too) much that phases me (whoops, fazes me, thanks Bev – see the Comments) when it comes to technology.

Generally I relish the opportunity to get down and dirty in the digital world.

However the particular challenge facing me was outside my comfort zone and I really didn’t think I’d crack it.

But I did, and it felt great.

As a result I’ve boosted my knowledge.

When we’re told that life-long learning is a great thing, it’s easy to imagine that this can only apply to ‘proper’ formal lessons like learning first-aid, upholstery, pottery or taxidermy.

In fact, we can all learn every day.

It might be finding out how to unjam the photocopier, rather than waiting for someone else to do it.

It could be discovering how to say good morning to a new neighbour who speaks a different language.

It could even be teaching yourself to do something new on a computer.

Time to pick up a new skill?

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