Note to self: do stuff that makes you happy

You know, I think young kids know more than we do about some aspects of life.

Given less than half a chance, they’ll fill their spare time playing. This play invariably consists of the types of games and activities they enjoy. Quite simply, kids know what gives them pleasure, so that’s what they set out to do.

You and I used to do that too. Somehow, though, we forgot this important principle.

Granted, we’ve probably more on our plates now than we used to have. But this certainly shouldn’t mean we must deny ourselves opportunities to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

So please think on this. What activities make you happy? And if there’s nothing impossible standing between you and them, what’s stopping you enjoying them?

Kids don’t forget to do what makes them happy. Perhaps, therefore, neither should you.

How about today?

8 thoughts on “Note to self: do stuff that makes you happy

  1. Sewing, crochet, singing – but since losing my dear mum in June, I have lost the oomph to do the sewing. Is very hard without her.

  2. Reading, writing, swimming, sitting in the sun with a good view, coffee and cake in a coffee shop- ideally with a friend.

  3. Why do we stop climbing trees, skipping rope, skipping at all? I blame it on adolescent ‘growing up’ and ‘fitting in’. Doesn’t serve us in the end.

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