Forget what went wrong, what went right?

When things go wrong, we can often be all-too ready to analyse the reasons, to look for underlying causes, and often to feel miserable as a result.

But what about when things go right?

What do we do then?

After a good day recently, when all the pieces seemed to slot into place, I didn’t even stop to think about it – just carried on with all the usual routines.

In fact it took a friend to drag me away from my desk for a celebratory coffee, talking through the good things that had happened.

I don’t think I do this enough.

I rarely stop to reflect on successes, whether they’re big or small.

And I don’t often allow myself to feel grateful.

I wonder if you do?

Even if the answer is yes, there’s no harm (and a lot of benefit) in doing a better job of acknowledging the good things in life.

They don’t necessarily need to be big wins.

They might even be something as simple as realising that for once you haven’t got a headache, for instance.

I reckon the late and great Ian Dury was right when he sang about ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’.

In general we all have them, even though they sometimes hide themselves in the recesses of our minds.

How about hunting some down today?

2 thoughts on “Forget what went wrong, what went right?

  1. It is true, we do focus on what goes wrong and not give enough thought, especially to seemingly insignificant things, when they go right.
    I have had cause for celebrating something going right. It suddenly dawned on me yesterday, that it was nearly five weeks since I have had a migraine!!

  2. I agree Jon. It really helps to recognise what goes right in life. Today I’ve felt unwell with a urine infection. Now I have the medication to help me feel better and thanks to the NHS in the UK I didn’t have to pay for it. I also saw a Dr with no charge for this service. It made me reflect on how lucky I am to have access to free healthcare when I am unwell, despite the current government trying to destroy the NHS! I also find an app called Gratitude garden very supportive to keeping the mood positive and turning the negative brain bias off. Also A Network For Grateful Living is a wonderful resource. It includes a daily email with a quite around the theme of gratefulness. May we all be well and happy and free from suffering. Thank you for Moodnudges, take care, Anna x

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