Keep track of what went right, not what went wrong.

What went wrong?

We’re all used to the idea that when things aren’t going to plan, everyone wants to know why.

And this applies to moods just as much as it does to missions.

When you’re down, it’s natural to believe there’s some cause or reason (even though there isn’t always one – a low mood can sometimes just strike of its own accord).

But there’s another question we don’t often ask.

What went right?

If you have a day on which you feel better than usual, it makes a lot of sense to try and pin down why.

This time you’re more likely to succeed.

Good moods are very often inspired by something, or perhaps a collection of things.

Feeling good isn’t simply the absence of bad.

It actually needs to be the presence of good.

Of course it helps to know what can bring you down so you can avoid it, but it’s just as useful to know what could take you up.

Then you can do more of it.

One thought on “Keep track of what went right, not what went wrong.

  1. It’s so important to realise what makes you feel down or worthless and as you have mentioned Jon it sometimes just washes over you like a wave and you feel miserable.
    It has taken me several years to work out my ‘triggers’, but I now am able to address my low moods enabling them to only last for a few hours (are for even a few minutes), instead of days of deep despair.
    Great tip to focus on the positives. There are always positives, no matter how small they might be or how hard they may be, to find!!

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