What you like about you.

You have good times.

You have bad times.

They can come and go like the seasons, like tides, or like day and night.

But their inevitability doesn’t necessarily make you better prepared to deal with the lows.

When they come (as I’m afraid they may) it’s easy to assume a low opinion of yourself.

Thinking such thoughts about someone else would almost certainly label you as heartless or cruel, so why do you think them about yourself?

Why do you (and I) get so self-critical?

Next time you find yourself adrift in a sea of glumness, you won’t find it difficult to make a list of everything you dislike about yourself.

It’ll be harder but infinitely more rewarding to remember what you like about yourself.

It’s not being selfish, it’s simply redressing the balance.

Just complete this sentence: The things I like about myself are…

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