What do when good times turn bad

I know this sounds like a cheesy line from the cover of a magazine, but it’s true that bad stuff happens to good people.

(Of course, bad stuff happens to bad people, too, and good-to-bad, good-to-good, as well, but the real point is that most of us will end up facing adversity at some time or other.)


When it looms, it’s important to cling to the knowledge that humans have a tremendous ability to bounce back.

In fact, our survival as a species has depended on this through the millennia.

So what are some strategies which can help you manage your way out of crisis?

Here are five:

1. Reflect on your past to identify times when you successfully dealt with adversity. What did you do then? Learn from this, and repeat.

2. Use the power of your imagination to visualise yourself beating the challenge, just like an athlete pictures herself defeating her competitors.

3. Tap into your network of friends, enlisting their help and support. Many hands make light work.

4. Be realistic in your expectations, because bouncing back may not be an overnight task, in the same way that it always takes time for a sprained ankle to mend.

5. Remember that, as a human, you’ve been programmed to overcome bad times, even if this sometimes involves sitting them out.

The right time to buy insurance is before a problem hits, so in the same way it makes sense to think about your coping strategies for bad times before you find yourself stuck in them.

One thought on “What do when good times turn bad

  1. Such a thoughtful blog, Jon…and I would lurve to bounce on a trampoline in a dress like that little girl – so carefree!

    It’s such a good idea to think of these strategies as you would insurance….be a girl guide or a Scout…be prepared! A great analogy. Thanks, Jon.

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