When negative thoughts intrude.

Last week I treated myself to an hour’s walk along the beach in Pescadero, on California’s Pacific coast.

It was a gorgeous day and an incredible place to be in, so why on earth did I find myself starting to worry about other things?

Why was I beginning to think about all the stuff I might have to do a few days from then?

In fact, I had to have a stiff word with myself.

What was I doing?

What was wrong with just revelling in the moment, making the most of where I was?

By doing this, the worries evaporated – leaving me able to simply enjoy the experience for its own sake.

It’s all too easy to let worries gnaw away at us.

Perhaps we excuse it by telling ourselves that we’re thinking things through, but that’s rarely true, is it?

The next time you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in an agreeable situation, don’t let those pesky negative thoughts keep you from enjoying it.

It’s not always easy, but try to send them packing.

Focus in the here and now, rather than on the there and later.

4 thoughts on “When negative thoughts intrude.

  1. One thing I find helpful in moments like this to help me focus on the present is what I call ‘Emotional CPR’ Try 7/11 breathing (breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11) a few times and the focus on 5 things you can see; 4 you can touch or feel; 3 things you can hear; 2 you can smell; and 1 you can taste. I find it really helpful in grounding me in the moment ! Have a go and see what you think ! 👍🙏👋

  2. I know the feeling exactly and how uncomfortable it makes me when negative thoughts
    intrude me with destruction aggression day by day and I want to send them packing
    instantly but they tend to come back again and again. Why is our brain unable to thrash
    these compulsive unwanted thoughts in so many situations and make us feel helpless
    angry stupid and even lonely – only God knows and I would like to get an answer from him. I guess a new hard disk could be the answer!

  3. Finding myself too in this situation. When I feel myself being pushed down by thoughts that are brought on by stressful situations that I can’t seem to control or have a ready made solution for … this is when I have to Stop, breathe, accept and retrieve the ‘be kind to myself’ thought locked in my psyche that doesn’t want to come out. My life is a continuing need to improve my confidence, resilience and independence. These three things are the key to my long term happiness

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