When the fountain squirts, move out of the way

Why is it that we can learn so many lessons by observing the behaviour of small children?

When I still lived in the UK, they installed a water feature in my local town centre which spouted up from the paving. Jets rose and fell in an orchestrated fashion attracting crowds of onlookers and plenty of small children daring themselves to get as close to the water as they possibly could.

I recall watching one little lad venture dangerously close when the program was keeping the fountains very low, probably just about his waist height.

But then the inevitable happened. Up went the fountain and down came the water, leaving him rooted to the spot, howling and getting drenched. He stood there, hating it but not moving.

All was well when his Mum stepped in to retrieve him, but isn’t it interesting that he was in a horrible situation, and didn’t know that he could have simply taken two steps to the side to be OK?

You might say you’d never do that, and perhaps it’s true that you wouldn’t have been in the fountains in the first place.

But how often have you been in an unpleasant set of circumstances, and simply stuck it out when it would have been so easy to take those metaphorical two steps to find dry land again?

Where-you-are can have a big impact on who-you-are. So if the little gusher becomes a big one today, get the heck out of there.

3 thoughts on “When the fountain squirts, move out of the way

  1. Thanks for the reminder that I can take those 2 steps back now! As a child I was stuck in some pretty awful situations and I do forget that as an adult I can remove myself from similar circumstances!
    As always- a freak lost!

  2. You are spot on. It is sometimes a challenge to step out of trying situations. This reminds me that two steps back can be as easy as taling two breaths.

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