When’s your best time of day?

What time of day do your best work?

Is that when you do most of your work?

If it is, congratulations. You’ve got your act together.

However, the simple fact is that we’re often battling against ourselves.

I’m most certainly not a night owl. I’m much more productive in the mornings.

Yet, too often I find myself sitting at my desk when it would be much more sensible to be in bed.

And forcing yourself to work when you’re tired isn’t a recipe for feeling great. In fact it can make you downright grumpy.

So what time of day is when you do your best work?

And is that when you do most of your work?

No? Well what might you be able to do to tackle this?

Have a think.

2 thoughts on “When’s your best time of day?

  1. I recently discovered that I am definitely more productive when I come in to work earlier. However, it’s extremely hard for me to do so in the winter months, when I wake up (and leave) for work while it’s still dark out. I feel if the sun isn’t up, I shouldn’t be either 😉

    For now, I’ll keep coming in (and leaving) earlier. Now if there was only something I could do about my horrendous commute…

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