When’s your playtime?

Every morning at precisely 10.15 – like corks from bottles of bubbly – the kids in the primary school over the road from where I used to live in the UK burst through the doors into the playground in joyous release.

It was playtime.

For fifteen minutes there was that sparkling sound of children enjoying themselves, letting off steam, racing around like splendid little demons.


Have we forgotten everything we learnt at school?

Back then we knew that after you’d been focusing hard in lessons it was vital to let go of stuff; to run, skip and jump for all you were worth.

Keeping active is one of the very best ways of boosting mood, almost certainly doing more for you than any pharmaceutical intervention, but persuading someone whose mood is low to ‘get up and go’ is one of the hardest things in the world.

Howevever even if you’d wanted to, there was no getting out of playtime. The bell rang, and off you went.

Perhaps what we might learn from this is the value of a timetable. On days that aren’t so sunny for you, schedule in doing something that will get you out of doors and (just a little) out of breath, even if it’s simply going for a brisk walk. Decide on a time and stick to it.

Everyone deserves their playtime.

3 thoughts on “When’s your playtime?

  1. Aren’t they just adorable…or should I say adorabubble?
    I love to be out in the garden and hear them – in the distance – lol!
    Am pleased to say I manage to walk the dog twice a day every day and am fast approaching just over fifty miles per week!! Come hail, rain or shine, my pooch needs a walk so away we go!
    Great reminder Jon!

  2. Great advice, but often forgotten in the hurly burly of life. Really struck home today as I’m away on holiday and have enjoyed two bouts of swimming in the sun, reading a good book and being outside all day In good company.

    How do I feel? Better than I have in months so resolving to plan & keep to a more balanced ‘timetable’ and schedule my ‘playtimes’ when I’m back in the UK.

  3. Hey Jon, I’m off for a walk with the ” cutie “, and maybe buy a little choc. bar as well…
    Thanks for the inspiration !

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