You’re the one who knows you best

It’s often occurred to me how useful it would be to have some kind of gizmo which could measure your mood without you having to tell it anything.

When a doctor wants to know your temperature, she doesn’t ask for your view, she simply uses a clinical thermometer.


As of today, however, there’s no physiological way to determine mood. No blood test, heart monitor or even brain scan can tell anyone how they feel.

I’m not saying it won’t come, but at the moment the best (and only) way to evaluate someone’s mood is to ask them.

This might be via the somewhat rough and ready expedient of getting an individual to rate themselves on a 0-10 scale (which is what the UK government is using for its national wellbeing measure) or it can be the use of the more thorough twelve-questions playing cards approach we use with WellBee.

The long and the short of it though, is that you’re the only one who truly knows how you feel.

But being unaware of this would be a little like driving a car with no speedometer. Cautious motorists might drive at a snail-like pace in order not to break the speed limit. The more fool-hardy could push pedal to metal, resulting in awkward encounters with the police.

I reckon it makes sense to go into every new day knowing how you’re doing mood-wise. It can help you to be realistic in your expectations, for one thing.

Don’t demand too much of yourself when you’re not feeling so great, for example.

Who knows how you feel? Well, only you, really.

3 thoughts on “You’re the one who knows you best

  1. I do have these cards but find the scale of graph a bit too small for my failing eyesite. Great idea and very useful when speaking to drs etc any chance this will be coming as an app/on the computer generally ?

    1. Thanks for being so enthusiastic overall about the cards Joanne, however I fully take your point about the size of the graph. We wanted to keep the whole system neatly contained in its hexagonal steel tin so people wouldn’t lose its various components, so that inevitably made it necessary to design a pretty compact graph (in the vertical dimension) even though it folds out to be almost four feet long.

      I hope you’ll be pleased to know that we do have definite plans for WellBee to evolve into digital form, and thank you (again) for reminding us that there’s a real need for this.

      It’s wonderful to know that you’re finding your WellBee cards helpful when it comes to showing doctors etc. the progress of your wellbeing!

  2. I have come to the conclusion after quite some time of self observation (some odd 35 years), that the MOOD matter is definitely chemical, the sensitivity may be genetically transfered through one’s DNA and it might be subject to …weather conditions!
    Please don’t laugh…!
    Big thank you for your moral written support,

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