Why I love walking and talking.

It’s a sunny afternoon (well it was when I wrote this) and I’m sitting on a bench in my local park.

Walking around the full perimeter takes about fifteen minutes, making it something like a mile.

And as I’ve been here a while, a few people have walked past me more than once.

(They’re doing circuits.)

What’s notably nice is that they’ve all been in pairs, and have been lost in conversation with one another.

Walking is good.

Talking is good.

But in my book, walking and talking is the perfect combination.

I reckon that discussions about tricky subjects can often feel more comfortable when you’re side by side with your conversational partner, and of course you both get the benefit of a spot of exercise.

It needn’t be an expedition, either.

Simply walking with someone to get a coffee can work.

I know that not everyone who reads Moodnudges is mobile, but if you are, it’s definitely worth remembering the benefits of being a walkie-talkie.

One thought on “Why I love walking and talking.

  1. My job involves promoting exercise and walking meetings is a great way of getting fresh air and exercise whilst enjoying the sunshine.
    I even won a prize once for promoting the very concept, so yes I totally agree that walking whilst talking is healthy, pleasant and sometimes profitable!

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