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  1. Dear Jon

    I really loved the audio mood nudge, its a great idea. I closed my eyes and listened to your voice. Your words resonated with me much more than they would by me simply reading the.

    Please do this again and keep up the wonderful work you do.

    Kindest regards, Briege from Northern Ireland

  2. It was great to hear your voice Jon. I totally agree with you that the tone of the written word can be misinterpreted. Texting, emails and the like can be inefficient too and a quick call or face to face meeting can do so much more than a barrage of written conversation . In our private and working lives, the chance to speak to each other, whilst sometimes difficult can lead to a richer and more rewarding experience. I hope to hear more of your spoken Moodnudges soon.

  3. Hi Jon,

    Listening to someone’s voice, you can detect traits of their personalities you hadn’t fully appreciated when reading their writing. Your voice is reassuring, sounds caring and reveals a deep sensitivity which would suit someone in contact and dealing with others.
    I fear people sometimes hide behind the ease of writing a text whether it is in a difficult situation, like when someone has a severe condition or ilness or a lover wants to announce they are leaving, etc. However it sometimes allows people to show they care through a text as they wouldn’t otherwise call.
    We hide behind the reason that the person we are texting has the freedom to read your text in his/her own time and you feel you are not disturbing them. You are right though to remind us to pick up the phone whenever we can. I love reading your posts and even more listening to your very soothing voice. It is a great option for people who are visually impaired and can be very low especially if it hasn’t always been the case…

  4. Hi Jon,

    loved waking up to your very soothing voice and great moodnudge this morning. I so agree we should write less and talk more whenever possible, but I too have been swept along with technology and how lazy it can make us when wishing to make contact or express how we feel with others. Of course ever changing ways of communicating have a place in today’s hectic world, but we cannot and should not forget the power of human contact in every form.

    Have a good day.

  5. Hi Jon,

    loved waking up to your very soothing voice and great moodnudge this morning. I so agree we should write less and talk more whenever possible, but I too have been swept along with technology and how lazy it can make us when wishing to make contact or express how we feel with others. Of course ever changing ways of communicating have a place in today’s hectic world, but we cannot and should not forget the power of human contact in every form.

    Have a good day.

  6. Great to literally hear from you Jon and the point of today’s Moodnudge is well made.

    I recently had a friend staying with me whilst I got over the first few days after an operation and really enjoyed the company. That stay reminded me that I needed to make more of an effort to connect more directly with people by voice and in person as emails/texts etc can be very distancing.

    Hope you have a good Sunday too.

  7. Hi Jon,
    It is so true that texts or emails can be taken the wrong way and a simple wrong word or even not replying back to someone can create an issue.
    Usually in a conversation we can hear the tone of something that was said and understand how it was meant. And if there is a doubt, we can ask what they meant.
    Thank you for your all your Moodmudges!

  8. Hi Jon,
    always appreciate to read from you, today it was exciting to listen to your message. I really enjoyed to hear your voice and the first thing that came on my mind was that you should make your book an e-book reading it yourself. I imagine this would be phantastic.

    As I am a regular podcast listener I totally agree that listening to the voice is more personal than reading posts, mails or letters. It is a further channel of communication and it fosters imagination. It must be more work to record a podcast every day instead of writing a newsletter post, but I guess this might be a great, more personal way to do your work. however, answering will still be written form, won’t it?

    Greetings from Germany!

  9. Thanks. I found this very moving. Makes me feel I can go out and speak to people today. I do miss the personal embellishments of handwriting which emphasize or undercut the words. Your spoken word sometime would be a treat. Thanks for your friendly words always.

  10. Love this. It’s a great addition to your written nudges and adds another level of personal connection to the message being conveyed.

  11. Wonderful surprise this morning!
    As a fan of audio books, phone calls and listening to music as I cook or clean I really did enjoy this type nudge.
    Years ago I had broken my wrist and arm which left my fingers not so skilled at texting. My children happily complied with my preference to weekly calls as opposed to lots of texts. What a wonderful turn of events from something I thought was a deficit now gives me the voices, moods, joys, and excitement of the 5 children that I love.
    Thanks for all you do to make your mission better and better!

  12. This is a great idea. I agree very much with what you say about the written word but as an older person I don’t dash off texts (except to my close family) and writing e-mails is always hard as I go over the content and edit myself in an effort to make sure that the tone is what I want, I often correct myself when I read through as I see it could be misunderstood or too abrupt so I write more and it takes forever and is sometimes very boring so I don’t connect with friends as much as I should so I think my second New Year resolution will be to telephone more. My first? To write shorter emails and answer quicker!

  13. Hi Jon,

    What a lovely surprise to hear you speaking today. I think I probably take information in better if its spoken . when I first realised it was audio I had to postpone listening to you until I was alone but I liked that and looked forward to a few moments of being still and quiet and not rushed.
    I’m really pleased you are trying out different ideas,it’s the only way to learn I believe and importantly it mixes it up for you to help keep it fresh and interesting.

  14. I can only reiterate what everyone else has said Jon. You have a wonderful voice and I was in a totally different level of alertness listening to you. It was most relaxing and strangely intimate. I had no idea what you sounded like, and your written blogs will take on more of a life now that I have heard the person behind the words.
    In terms of the content too, this was timely as I’ve had a small slightly aggravated exchange of words with a very close friend yesterday. It happened in person because I’d already decided to use words instead of text, but actually he found it hard to hear, and in some ways he said it might have been easier to get it on text or email, as he wanted time to ‘recalibrate’. I really understand that too, but the written word is sometimes just not good enough! So we are following it up and fine tuning on the text today. And we’ll talk later tonight. So it’s true that a mixture of types of communication are often what’s needed.
    Thankyou as ever. Sally S

  15. Wow! That audio nudge was a wonderful surprise! I agree that hearing you brings a directness and personal feel that the written word however beautifully crafted, simply cannot do. Looking forward to more in the future. Brilliant development.

  16. Everyone seems to have the same idea, you voice is great to hear and so more personal. It just sounds like a friend has called and left a message.
    I found it very pleasing and calming, especially as I picked it up on Monday morning at work when I’m not always feeling my best at the start of another working week.
    Nice work Jon!
    As always keep up the great work and look forward to hearing from you again(literally) soon……I hope?

  17. Jon – I wasn’t sure about the audio idea as I am more of a fan of the written word (ironically!) but I rather liked this audio version. You have a very warm and friendly voice. Definitely worth doing again please!

  18. Loved it Jon! So true that in a world where it’s supposed to be easier for us to communicate, it can end up being easier for us to be misinterpreted.
    Bob Hoskins said it, and you say it as well – it is good to talk, and it was very good to hear your voice today – thank you.

  19. Thank you Jon. It is really great to hear your soothing voice and I very much hope this becomes an integral part of moodnudges,
    Other people have said more eloquently how positive hearing another’s voice is, especially where nuances of meaning are concerned.
    Keep up the great work – I wish you every success in your mission to help people.
    Best Wishes
    David MacLeod

  20. Hearing your voice was a lovely surprise, please do more as it stayed with me for longer than the written word does.

  21. Lovely to hear from you Jon, have you considered podcasting? It might be a good avenue to pursue. It can be tricky to get the right message across through text alone, I had this very issue this week, happily ruffled feathers are now smoothed.

  22. You’ve got a great voice! I didn’t realise you were British! That is a nice surprise (haha). I agree about the misunderstandings. But being an introvert, I like that I can think about my words a lot before I say them, so the written words enables me to do that. I’ve always been better at expressing my thoughts, ideas, feelings etc. in writing than in speaking. I’m much more in my comfort zone in written words. I hate talking on the phone for example, as many introverts do I believe. It feels so unnatural to not see the other person’s face and expressions. I much rather have face-to-face conversations or written conversations. I don’t think this requires less effort on my part. On the contrary, I put a lot of thought and effort into my written messages. So it’s definitely not the easy way out. It’s just the way that suits me the best. I think a lot of young(er) people are now more used to writing than talking on the phone. Ironically, really, as we have all the technology to speak to each other and see each other. But the written word remains strong. I see a trend that older people who have not grown up with this ‘texting’ and online messaging culture/email, sometimes find it difficult to express themselves in writing as they are not used to it. Of course some people are just not good at expressing themselves full stop. Haha. Anyway, I think it’s good we play to our strengths. Even if the other responds by calling us up. That’s okay with me 🙂 Thanks for your blog and for sharing your thoughts.

  23. Hello, Jon
    I’m delighted to hear your voice too. A couple of years ago I decided to phone quite a few old friends instead of sending Christmas cards and it was lovely to make contact and exchange news. This year Christmas and New Year were a real washout for us, both with health problems, but your words just before Christmas made a huge difference reminding me to just let go of problems, and it was good just to be together, forget festivities and have a quiet time.
    So, many thanks, and best wishes, Gill (in Northumberland).

  24. I loved hearing your moodnudge today. Hearing you seemed so much more personal than the written word – although I have no complaints about your emails! Also, much easier to sit back and listen than the energy needed for reading. I must bear this in mind for my own communication, as you say. Going back to the discussion recently about how to develop your nudges, this could be a particularly good way for you to present the more in-depth material you were considering. I hope you do more audio.

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