From a word in your ear to some words on your screen.

Gosh, it was really encouraging yesterday to get such a lot of positive support for the “audio moodnudge” I linked to in my email, and posted on the blog. Thanks hugely to all who took the time to give me feedback.

If you didn’t catch the audio (which was just a couple of minutes long), it’s here.

I’m pretty sure we’ll do some more of that kind of audio thing, but for now it’s back to the good old written word.

Of course there’s a place for both the written and spoken word, but I’ve always believed that someone’s writing takes on a different dimension when you know what their voice sounds like, just as I’ve always found it easier to use Skype or Facetime with people I’ve already met in real life.

And now you know what I sound like. Three years into living in California, but I think still no sign of sounding ’Murican.

So, you and I start another week, and it’s good to note that by the time it’s over we’ll be just about out of January – not always the easiest month of the year. But, you know what, you’ve made it – or very nearly – so give yourself a pat on the back.

Spring, and then summer, aren’t really too far away in the northern hemisphere. So even on days when you may feel there’s little to look forward to (and we all get them from time to time, I’m sure) it’s good to hang on to the idea of new starts and fresh growth that springtime generally brings.

It won’t be long.

5 thoughts on “From a word in your ear to some words on your screen.

  1. How right you are about hearing a voice. Lovely to have the audio message, even if your written ones are always so ‘ice to read. Thank you! Alexandra

  2. Loved the audio mood nudge. Please let’s have more. After all we now have Alexa – the digital assistant and audio is the way a lot of communication is going. So please. More audio.

  3. Just saying this morning that not only is it winter, and icy, but it’s Monday and probably approaching the day when credit cards from Christmas hit home.. but when you see a snowdrop, you can’t help but smile.
    Thanks as always!!

  4. A very lovely deep rich voice. You sound like the narrator of an audio book series. Loved the sound byte, thanks!

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