Who’s your Happiness Hero?

A few days ago I was interviewed by Australian writer, Tahlia Newland, for a new and upcoming podcast.

I’ll tell you more about that next month, when it’s due to be released.

For now, though, I wanted to tell you about a question Tahlia is asking all her guests.

Who’s your Happiness Hero?

It got me thinking. Perhaps it might do the same for you?

Who’s one person that springs to mind when you think of happiness?


Tahlia asked me to choose someone I admire for their ability to remain happy in any circumstances, or anyone I think has contributed to the happiness of others in some small or large way.

She said it could be as simple as a neighbour being kind on a day when everything was falling apart.

And my suggestion for you today is to find a few minutes (it needn’t take long) to reflect on who you might choose.

I think there’s a kind of hidden value in this, as the process of wondering “who” also leaves you thinking “why.”

What is it about this person that you associate with happiness?

Might there be something of what they do, how they live, that you could bring to your day?

This day.

Right now.

Big behaviour change is difficult, but tiny adjustments can be easier.

So what sort of modest adjustment, inspired by your happiness hero, might make today a little shinier?

When I talked with Tahlia, I chose Mark Williamson who runs Action for Happiness.

If this sounds a bit – well – obvious, my main reasons for nominating him were less so.

As well as my admiration for his work, I hugely respect his drive to keep fit and well. He cycles. Miles. And he eats healthily.

More than that, even, is his determination to be there for his family, despite having huge demands on his time.

Who would you choose?

Incidentally, thinking about this led me to have a single piece of fruit at lunchtime, and also to take a walk.

This won’t make me Mr. Williamson, of course.

But perhaps it wasn’t entirely wide of the Mark.

3 thoughts on “Who’s your Happiness Hero?

  1. I love the work of Ricard Mathieu. His positiveness and approach are to be admired. I have read his books and they are an inspiration. Love this quote of his:

    “I have also come to understand that although some people are naturally happier than others, their happiness is still vulnerable and incomplete, and that achieving durable happiness as a way of being is a skill. It requires sustained effort in training the mind and developing a set of human qualities, such as inner peace, mindfulness, and altruistic love.”
    ― Matthieu Ricard, Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill

  2. Hi Jon,
    I number myself amongst those in favour of you continuing your inspired work in mental health PERIOD – as they say on your side of the pond; FULL STOP doesn’t quite have the same resonance, does it? As for ideas going forward, I like your emphasis on lateral thinking and today’s nudge has involved more of that than usual. More Moodnudges Plus please. Belated HNY. Go well.

  3. My happiness Hero is Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen as she always seem so positve, always going out of her way to cheer people up despite some challenges she may face. She set up the Happiness Project Kent in 2009 and uses her own time and resources to help others. She is well known in our local community as she goes to a lot of the events where she can see giving out free smiles or just getting people to do fun things and feel good.

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